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Kahlua and Cream

Sheepy Rules - BETA

Hey y'all! (And by y'all I think there's two of us...) Welcome to the sheepy writing community. This is an informal writing group, for the purpose of creating a supportive community focused on reaching personal goals, improving our writing, and generally being awesome. Since we want this to be safe place where writers feel free to share and collaborate, I'm gonna set some ground rules.

This is beta, remember, so feel free to jump in if you have suggestions.

1. ...and I can't say this strongly enough...

It's not hard. Don't copy others work and bring it here. Don't take people's work from here and try to pass it off as your own. There is a zero-tolerance policy in place for all plagiarists. You'll get banned, and also we'll hate you forever and ever and ever. No exceptions.

In addition, courtesy of smokesinatra: "If you steal work and make a profit from it, sheepywriters will not only support the OP in pressing charges, but we will sue your unoriginal ass too. It's honestly not work the risk to steal, so don't!"

2. Be nice. We don't expect you to say every single thing you read here is walking perfection, but don't treat other writers like shit. The rule is constructive criticism. We want to make people's stuff better, not make people cry and not want to write anymore. I HATE when people do that shit. It's unattractive.

3. As a part of rule 1, we humbly request that you introduce yourself when you join the comm. There's a post for it. Right here. It's simple and clean like the way that you're making me feel tonight, so do it. This is to make sure you didn't just join the comm to read others' work and possibly steal it. If you don't introduce yourself within the first week or so, we'll all side-eye you. Then we'll remove you. But why did you join a community when you weren't even going to introduce yourself? What's up with that?

4. Basic ONTD rules apply. No spam, no porn, no abusing others, nothing too off-topic, no sexism/racism/ableism/homophobia/being an all around douche canoe.

Well, actually, about the porn... we'll have special posts for critiquing porn. I mean, it's just sex, right? I don't care. Just make it clear when you're posting something NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Not hard.

And...that's it for now! Comment if you have thoughts. It's a free country, except when it isn't.
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